Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sri Valmiki Awasam: Sakshi media report

Sri Valmiki Awasam: A Home for grooming First generation literates: : Seva Bharathi

Out of every 100 children ::::

  • 16 will have no access to clean drinking water.

  • 47 will suffer from malnutrition in the first three years of life.

  • 26 will be born with weight less than 2,500 gms.

  • 15 will never go to school.

  • And of every 100 who begin first class, only 52 will reach the fifth class.

They were not mere statistics....... 

This made us  to resolve to provoide education to the villages and houses that are illiterate from generations ; which moulded in to an institution SRI VALMIKI AWASAM. Children from 25 villages and 40 of them carefully selected are being given a qualitative education.

The awasam has been working with the same resolve since August 1992. Theres no permanant accomadation for the children yet, but for the temporary Shed of the Sriram sagar project which was given temporarily for the purpose. The children study in the local Saraswathy sishu mandir school a school with reputation unchallenged. 

Mahesh is a kid in the village of Potharam. He used to litter and involve in small thefts with his group of friends. After four years he's now completed his 10th, won the statelevel prize in Yoga. He wants to be software professional. The young mind is now tuned to his friends, his wish to get them back to school. As the figures above suggest there are many more like mahesh who when given a right chance shall not only better themselves but will better their communities.

Vivek was six when brought to the awasam (Affection home as we prefer to call it) ;he was roaming here and there. One of the volunteers of SEVABHARATHI brought him to the home. Now he's completed his 10th and wants to complete post graduatuion as well and work for the betterment of his people in the village for life. Vivek now has also completed his Intermediate board exams. In 2004 another child has scored 490 out of 600 in his SSC exams while two of the boys have achieved a 8000 rank in his Medicine and another 18,000 rank in his Engineering (EAMCET); the list of achievements is endless . The children are the first generation literates not only in their family but in their village. They have made a mark in their academics.

The children are unstoppable when it comes to the Sports and games. They have even participated in national level competitions.

The Children have a good social understanding of their status and condition in the society. The poverty has taught them to better themselves but after tasting the affection and fragnance of living together now the children want to better their community. Already 13 children have passed out of their 10th exams with good scores. All the children have been working as voluteers for the betterment of their people in their spare time while continuing their studies. 

The impact is not restricted to the Hostels only but extends back to their home inspiration the kids themselves. In the three villages the kids themselves have been successful in deaddicting their parrents, influencing the fellows and friends in to small things like taking bath daily, attending school, small songs and shlokas.